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Honey Badger Simply Cannot Believe This Jeff Bezos News

Sometimes it takes great, outside the box thinkers to really see the forest from the trees. When most people woke up and found out about this Jeff Bezos news their immediate reaction was to laugh. I don’t blame them, it’s a funny situation, people far and wide are joking about the Bezos Hammer. Jay Leno doesn’t even host The Tonight Show anymore and he’s already written seven monologue jokes about it. But the Honey Badger doesn’t see the humor in this. Not even in the slightest. He saw this news and his ears promptly perked up like a deer in the woods who just heard a hunter step on a fallen tree branch in the distance. This isn’t time for jokes and laughter. This is time to panic. This is time to start asking the tough questions. Why did this happen? If it can happen to a man of this stature who among us is safe? This is exactly like the time *checks notes* that the Indianapolis Colts released Peyton Manning at his behest because they drafter a newer, younger franchise quarterback. Literally the exact same. And if you can’t see that you’re blind as a bat. I stand with Honey Badger on most issues but especially this one. A darkness has fallen over this great nation and I see no light on the horizon.