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The Royals Offered Marlins Guy A Free Suite And Perks To Move Seats. Marlins Guy Says "He Didn't Plan Any Of This Attention"





(Source) Leavy, 58, calls himself “Marlins Man.” He paid $8,000 for his premium seat to Game 1, but he claims Royals officials desperately tried to get him to move or change his clothes. Leavy told Clark Spencer of The Miami Herla that Kauffman Stadium employees offered him a private suite and more in an attempt to get him away from where cameras were shooting.

“The owner of the Royals was extremely upset I was there,” Leavy said. A Royals spokesman denied that Leavy was asked to leave his seat or change his attire.

Leavy, a Marlins season ticket holder since the team’s first year 1993, says he was not trying to agitate anyone by wearing his team’s colors to an event that had nothing to do with his team. Rather, he has been buying premium seats to Super Bowls, NBA playoff games and MLB playoff games for years. “I never had any kids, nor have any wife,” Leavy said. “You don’t have to pay for a wife and kids, so you have money in the bank.

“I didn’t plan any of this (attention). I’m not selling anything. I’ve been doing this — going to sporting events — pretty much non-stop since 1999. I dated a girl for nine years who hated sports and when that ended, I started going everywhere.”

By all indications, Leavy is just a dude who has a lot of disposable income and likes spending it on going to big-time sporting events. We get that the Royals want to see all royal blue clothing behind home plate, but it’s a free country. The guy paid $8,000 for his seat. Leave him alone.




I’m pretty torn on Marlins guy. On one hand I 100% agree with him that he should be able to spend his money however he wants, and if that’s paying 8 grand for a front row seat to a World Series game then have at it. This is America, there are no rules forbidding someone from doing this. But, with that said, doesn’t this strike you as a little like the guy who sticks a camera in a cop’s face and then starts spewing lines from the constitution. What he is doing is completely legal but that doesn’t mean he’s not a huge dickhead. Don’t tell me you “didn’t plan any of this attention”. You’re a grown man sitting front row in a bright orange get up with a sideways visor. You knew people would notice. You knew everyone would say hey, who the fuck is that old guy dressed like an 18 year old on Ecstasy. Don’t be shocked when the Royals ask you to leave your seat and are upset that their first World Series game in 29 years got highjacked by some South Florida guy who “just loves sports”. You know what you’re doing, it’s not normal, no one does what you do, so just admit it and move on. Whether you like the attention or not you knew it was coming, so get out of my face with the “I just love sports” shit.






“I dated a girl for nine years who hated sports and when that ended, I started going everywhere”


No way, total shocker.