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'New Girl's' Relationships DESTROYS 'The Office' And It's Not CLOSE

So I’ve been on a New Girl re-watch and I’m finally ready to admit something. I know we talk about The Office a lot here and rightfully so. It is my favorite show. That said, New Girl doesn’t get enough respect and it should.

Especially because the relationships in New Girl are better than The Office and it’s not close. Especially because that’s really what drives both shows. They have multiple will they/won’t they relationships and New Girl does a much better job with it.

Let’s start with the main one. Jess/Nick is essentially pushed the same way Jim/Pam. However, New Girl did it correctly. While it was the premise of the show it never felt like it completely shifted the view the way The Office did when Pam and Jim finally got together. I believe that mostly because of how they had the short relationship followed by the breakup and then the will they/won’t they always lingered without dominating the show. With The Office it was pretty quick together and then the last problem with them was is Pam going to fuck the sound boom guy.

Let’s also not forget the fact that Pam is the worst and while Jess isn’t great she at least pushed Nick to achieve his dreams. Not hold him back from his company that he started and was his lifelong dream.

I never felt annoyed with the Jess/Nick relationship like I did with Pam/Jim. That’s the main thing about this blog and why I think New Girl is wildly underrated. I actually felt like I was rooting for Nick/Jess to end up together. I didn’t care about Pam/Jim.

I’ll also argue that the way the main moments happened were better too. Sure, maybe it was the music in the background and the fact that Jess wasn’t engaged, but it was just better done. Also not getting engaged at a gas station >>.

If you want to bring in Dr. Sam, I’ll say this. Nick/Dr. Sam had a much better interaction and made that more intriguing that Roy and Jim. Dr. Sam punching Nick in the throat multiple times was just funnier than Roy threatening to kill Jim.

Then there was CeCe and Schmidt – which I think could be compared to Angela/Dwight. They both hid their relationship at first. It sort of was the second relationship and started with just sex. I’ll argue that CeCe/Schmidt was the best relationship out of either show.

Both weddings are late in the show and have sentimental moments. Obviously Dwight/Angela’s wedding essentially ends the show. But Schmidt/CeCe bring back Jess and Nick. You have CeCe’s mom finally accepting Schmidt. I could have done without Schmidt stuck on the plane, but it was a different setting so I’ll at least give them that idea.

Let’s not forget the Bishop/Aly relationship – which is damn good too. I’ll say this when it comes to New Girl. There was no relationship I hated except possibly the Rhonda storyline. They did an excellent job of keeping relationships fresh and throwing in new ideas.

Now, I still love The Office, but consider this to also talk about New Girl. It’s just as easy to re-watch than The Office and probably easier to re-watch if you have significant other. It’s really the perfect couple show.