John Paxson Threw A World Class Temper Tantrum Today Because He Sucks At His Job

Things are heating up in Chicago and rightfully so. Bulls fans are universally LIVID with John Paxson and Gar Foreman for running the Bulls into the ground. And believe it or not maybe we don’t have the patience to sit through a vague and poorly communicated and presumably planned rebuild. Us Bulls fans aren’t out to get anybody. None of this is personal. All of it’s about watching shitty NBA basketball.

Anyways Pax was on 670 earlier today with Parkins and McNeil and he pretty much blew his stack in terms of major sports executives on local talk radio. Kind of funny that GarPax are begging for patience from fans when Johnny can’t even make it thru a 24 minute interview. Hey John try watching your fucking team as a means of relaxation and enjoyment. Then tell me to be patient, asshole.

Things get going 8 minutes in then really pick up at the 18 minute mark. My big takeaway is that John Paxson is extremely frustrated with noise, and the only reason he’s frustrated is because he knows it’s true.

PS – someone get word to Pax that he can come on Red Line Radio whenever he wants and I’ll do nothing but lob softballs. Favorite place to eat. Best blowjob of your life. Worst haircut. Etc. The light stuff.