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'Isn't That Tampering' - Giannis To LeBron Who 100% Tampered With Every All-Star Linked To The Lakers

Who knew Giannis had these jokes? I mean sure, it sounds like this draft took place this morning which leads for even more tampering. The day of the trade deadline and LeBron can just happen to tell Anthony Davis where he took him?

But, this is perfect. Look at who LeBron ‘drafted.’ He took literally every person that was ever photoshopped into a Lakers jersey (it doesn’t count when Clem does it for the Knicks).

Kyrie? Yep. Kawhi? This is 2 years in the making. Anthony Davis? We’ve spent the last week talking about this. Bradley Beal? He’s been a trade rumor this year. Damian Lillard? He’s been rumored to be traded to LeBron for the last two seasons. Klay? Yeah, seen him in a Lakers photoshop.

This is what I want from LeBron. I want him to own it and just tamper the shit out of it all publicly. I wish he didn’t laugh and just answered ‘yes, this is what I plan on doing until it actually happens.’ Just be honest.

Oh and this GM version of LeBron is pretty good? He outdrafted Giannis with ease here. I will say I appreciate him drafting Durant and Kyrie. Let them get some run together now before joining up on the Knicks this offseason. Love that move.