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Sea Monsters Found In Jersey

NJ1015 – This photo has been making its rounds on the internet and it looks as if the aliens have finally landed in NJ.    Take a look at this photo of an alien-like creature that was pulled from New Jersey’s waters and let us know what you think it is. Is it an alien? Is it a mutation of some sort? Take a gander and then comment below.

These sea monster pictures are making the rounds on the internet and dll these white trash inbred hillbillies of New Jersey are like “Thats just a lamprey! Nothin new to the waters of Jersey.” First of all what the fuck is this talk about “the waters of New Jersey?” You mean like the polluted swamps and the run off from refineries and factories? Those are just dirty ass puddles and shit. Not like we’re talking about the majestic lakes of Minnesota or something.

And secondly that thing is a mother f’n sea monster. One dude on facebook commented “It’s a lamprey. Often found attached to whales, sharks and larger fish.” with this picture

Hey bro that fucking guppy in your hand is not the same thing! Like I think puppies and dogs are really cute but if there was every a dog 50 times its normal size it would just be called a goddam monster. This is a mutant “lamprey” sea monster spawned from the filthy air and waters of Dirty Jerz. Don’t be surprised when one day something walks across the Hudson River and demolishes New York City like a real life Cloverfield.