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Courtney Stodden Officially Off The Reservation

Courtney Stodden will be dead by the times she’s 20. Book it. She just needs a little more drug use and reckless driving in her life to surpass Amanda Bynes as the Number 1 Contender in your Celebrity Death Pool. And if there is a God, he’s gonna back me up on this idea. She was so much better when she was a 16 year old slutbag whos claim to fame was just being a 16 year old married skank. Now she’s like this wanna be singer/actress/entertainer who made her face ugly and still won’t get naked and have sex on camera.

I swear the main reason she’ll be dead by 20 is I’ll probably try to kill her myself. I just don’t think I can see any more internet videos of girls wearing wigs with little dogs without losing my shit.

I guess cue the music for old time’s sake? Yea, why not.