Get A Load Of This Middle Aged Taiwanese Man Who Decided To Go Full Flat Top To Win Over Chick 31 Years His Junior



MIRROR – Wu Lei, 54, wanted to try and look like someone in their 20s or 30s to try and gain the affections of a 23-year-old woman. But the young woman said the hairdo had made her even more unlikely to respect him as he looked like a Lego figure or character from the video game “Warcraft”. She said: “My friends call him blockhead.” Wu, who is still single despite the expensive hairdo, said: “I can’t understand it. I make an attractive monthly income of 70,000 Taiwanese Dollars (£1,400). “I adopted this hairstyle because I wanted to look like a guy in his 20s or 30s to attract the girl who rejected me. Or in fact any girl.” Styling his hair was not an easy task. He reportedly needs to use up two cans of gel and spends two hours doing his hair. He can also only comb it once every 15 days to get rid of dead hair.

Wu, you hot shit! Ya look fuckin’ pisser! Nothing says you’re with the times more than going with a style that looked kind of cool for a different race two decades ago. Maybe he can bring back “Phat” while wearing Ecko and Airwalks, too. But I’m fairly certain he missed the mark unless the Dragon Lady he’s chasing flew out of House Party. You can live like a KING in Taiwan on a dollar a day (or so I assume) and Wu’s raking in $2800 American smackers a month. The man is royalty. He should be able to buy all the girls he needs to pleasure his pixilated balls. Because nobody should ever embrace the Lego look unless genetics force the hand. It’s a life not fit for the weary, just ask my sister. Not a good look for the family.