Woman's Obituary Says She Finally Got The "Smoking Hot Body" She Always Wanted....After Being Cremated

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What a woman! A+ obituary. I mean from the tippie top she is on fire,”I leave behind my loving husband, Ron Ricks, whom I often affectionately refer to as a “Horse’s Ass”. I mean if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

She then talks about her children whom she “tolerated”, and made sure to pick a favorite while she was at it too.

And then of course shout out to her for having that “smoking hot body I have always wanted…having been cremated”.

Oh and then what’s up with her husband’s “special friend Dorothy”???? Is this a Stanley Hudson situation? I hope Horse’s Ass wasn’t up to some funny business.

Great obituary. More obituaries should be like this. RIP Sybil, seems like you were a gem and a half. (And I’m sure you had a smoking hot body before being cremated, just sayin.)