Barstool Sports and Zero Blog Thirty Were Made For The Daytona 500


Next weekend the Zero Blog Thirty will be down at the Daytona 500. Dave will be there too if you care about that type of thing but I’m pretty sure they booked it because ZBT will be there. At least that’s what I’ll say at my end of the year review next year.

I grew up in Florida and about an hour away from Daytona. If you’ve never been, it’s like the entire city stops for this race. Having Barstool in the mix is only going to add to the excitement surrounding this event.

If you follow Barstool at all, you know that Caleb has been essentially everywhere. He’s been to the Super Bowl, World Series Parades, in France for the World Cup, and all over the country. He’s been everywhere and he says the Daytona 500 is THE best event he’s ever been to. That’s nuts. Between ZBT, Dave, 20 Dollar Chef, and Frankie, we are going to have a great show, great food, great beer, and a great race. I cannot wait.

If you wanna get in on the action, get your tickets as soon as you can. Click here.

If you buy the $155 dollar ticket, you’ll have special access to a private area in front of our live shows in the Midway including Zero Blog Thirty and 20 Dollar Chef, access to the Barstool DAYTONA 500 Midway Suite (food and beverage included), and hang out with your best Barstool pals, and you’ll obviously get a ticket to the 61st running of the DAYTONA 500. Doesnt get much better than that.

Spots are extremely limited and selling fast, so get yours today.