Annnnd Now We Have LaVar Ball Screaming That Lonzo Is A Better Player Than LeBron

I just wanted to give a sincere shout out to the New Orleans Pelicans for (allegedly) leaking all these Lakers trade proposals and allowing The Mouth From The South (Central) to break whatever truce he had with LeBron and re-enter our lives with ridiculousness. I hadn’t even published my last blog about the greatest basketball prophet the world has ever seen placing a hex on LeBron before KMarko forwarded me this story about LaVar saying that Lonzo is better than LeBron. Nothing beats Preposterous LaVar. I mean the guy became a name saying he and his 2 points per game career average could beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1 and now he says Lonzo is a better player than LeBron. And you know what? He raises some very good points. What is all this talk from Shannon Sharpe about shooting percentages and whatnot? I know LeBron can beat Lonzo in a game of Horse, Around The World, or Knockout.

But the Lakers sign the checks for playing NBA basketball games. Sure LeBron is better at that too, but ummmmm, he’s an old man! Yeah, that’s it. Dude missed how many games for a little groin injury? After 15 seasons and all those Finals appearances, LeBron has more miles on him than Vanny Woodhead and is ready to breakdown. But Lonzo is the Ferrari from Ferris Bueller just begging to get taken out for a spin (if Luke Walton would ever allow him to be unleashed) and could beat LeBron on the fast break, which pretty much means Lonzo over LeBron all day, everyday and twice on Sunday because LeBron is probably hungover from his wine and cheese party the night before. Skip and Shannon can live in their little bubble shooting hot takes at each other, but until either of them say they could beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1, they need to bend the knee and respect to the hot take king.

God it feels good to blog LaVar Ball propaganda again.