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LeBron's Problems Are Simple: He's An Only Child And Lonzo Is Better Than Him

This is what we in the business like to call ‘a take.’ Now, what you think of those takes is something different. But, these are takes.

Personally? I love them. It gives us something to talk about, no matter how crazy they are. Clem talked about Big Var dropping that LA will never win a title if they trade Lonzo. But, it goes so much deeper than that.

Why is Lonzo better than LeBron? Well, LeBron is too old to run the fast break with Lonzo. Simple as that. Hard to argue. I mean have you seen LeBron play transition defense in the regular season? Now offense? Well, yeah, he’s pretty good at that.

But, there’s so much more than just not being able to run with Lonzo on the fast break. LeBron has no chemistry with the Lakers and is acting the way he is because he’s an only child. Now, I can’t dispute this because I’m not an only child.

I think this rests the GOAT debate now. Thanks to LeBron not having siblings he simply can’t be as good as Michael Jordan. Nope MJ never looked for approval from people. Nope, MJ had siblings that took his burden away.

I love the Internet.