Reggie Bullock Traded To Lebron's Lakers - Twitter History: DELETE! DELETE!

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Twitter history is the worst thing to ever happen to humanity and the best thing to ever happen to internet blogs.  I mean this is 2012.  Think of how many things you’ve said in the past 7 years.  An infinity amount of things.  Now consider you’re a professional athlete and people actually read and remember those things.  That’s how you end up getting Bullocked.

And yes for 99% of the NBA population I would say this doesn’t matter at all and it’s an easy thing to laugh off the first time you dap up in the locker room, bust each other’s balls a little bit then move on.  Maybe bring it up the first practice when you cross them up and dunk on them or something.  But this is Lebron.  Lebron is going to be thinking about this 24/7 for the next like month straight then subtweet and subgram it 6 months from now with no shirt on and Rick Ross playing in the background.  Poor Reggie doesn’t stand a chance in LA.

You know what they say about comin’ at the King.