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Japanese Girls Wearing Panties On Their Faces Now

MSNWhich came first, Hentai Kamen, the Japanese superhero who wears girl’s panties on his face as a mask, or the trend of Japanese schoolgirls wearing panties on their faces? A recent photo book shows young women sporting the look. While Japan unquestionably leads the world in fetishizing schoolgirls and their underclothing, it’s rare to see a trend as on the nose as this one — and as prohibitive of necessary functions such as talking, eating and breathing. We can think of one person who’ll be comforted if this catches on: the parent who takes a daughter shopping and wonders why the kid’s carefully considering what pattern to choose for underpants. Because its headgear! Phew

You know what Japanese girls walking around with panties on their face means? It means Japanese men walking around with cum in their pants. Seriously they must love this. Japanse guys love underwear and pantyhose and all sorts of undergarment shit like none other. I mean don’t get me wrong, every guy from every country likes getting to see a chicks underwear. Catching a peak of a thong poking out the top of a pair of jeans is one of the simple pleasures in life that will never, ever get old. But I think part of the allure is getting a sneak peek when you’re not supposed to see it. Like the forbidden fruit. In Japan though, dudes will get their panty fix any way they can. If chicks wanna walk around with granny panties on their face then Japanese dudes are gonna beat their pixelated dicks to it. Plain and simple. Seriously I think young school girls singing karaoke with panties on their face is enough to bring even the strongest Japanese man to his knees. If she was eating some cat or dog and being rude on the subway it would be the most Asian fantasy of all time.