Just When You Thought Humanity Was Making Strides A Video Surfaces Of An Old Man Going To Town On A Live Possum

Reader Email: Guy licking a possum

Yeah you read that subject correctly. Im not even sure what you’re going to thing of this video but it is so raw and unbelievable i had to send it to you.

The adjective used in the reader email to describe this video is perfect. Raw. It doesn’t get much more crude and natural than a old redneck in his habitat trying to lick to the center of his dinner like it’s a damn Tootsie Roll pop. These brothers better have been packing heat. You don’t mess with a missing toothed hick wearing jorts that has a vein on his bicep that’s about explode to begin with. The type of imbred that would Make Flowers with his sister in the Bait & Tackle aisle in Wal-Mart. Tack on the batshit factor of sticking live roadkill in his mouth for kicks and you’ve got yourself a man who truly has nothing to lose. Screw the old coot getting a disease from the rodent, I’m more worried about the possum catching something from him.

h/t Chris