College Basketball's Villain Brad Davison Back At It With The Scumbag Dirty Shots

This fucking guy. Listen, part of me loves and appreciates Brad Davison. College basketball needs a villain to replace Grayson Allen. Let’s be honest here too. It needs to be a ‘scrappy’ white guy that gets absurd foul calls while being dirty.

He checks all those boxes. This play happened tonight and it’s one of the dirtier ones you’ll see. I know it doesn’t ‘look’ like much, but sliding your foot (it’s not a slip) under a guy who is trying to land from grabbing a rebound is as fucked up as you’ll get.

This isn’t the first time he’s done something dirty this year.

So we got nut punch and now a trip type move just a couple of months apart. Let’s not forget possibly his most despicable act yet:

5 charges! FIVE!

The best thing is we have 2+ more years of this. This is right around the time Grayson Allen started tripping people and made Duke appointment television to hate the shit out of him. Davison is trending that way. That’s one way to make Big 10 basketball exciting. Cancel out those 14 and 15 point halves.