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Nick Saban Rescues 5-Star LB From The Portal, Destroys "There Is No I In Team" Argument


Nick Saban’s 2019 didn’t get off to the best start. He got blown out by Clemson in the national championship and then proceeded to lose every assistant coach not named Butch Jones. Yesterday, his 2019 got worse as his prized possesion of the 2018 recruiting class hopped into the portal:

Then Nick Saban did what only Nick Saban can do: go into the depths of the portal to rescue a 5-star athlete:

Nick Saban – 1

The Portal – 0

After announcing his successful trip into and out of the portal, Nick Saban announced that the “there is no I in team” statement is now DEAD:


I once said this exact thing to my 7th grade algebra teacher. She was not happy with me and kicked me out of class. Now Nick Saban is saying exactly what I said just a decade ago. I chalk that up as a victory.

P.s. Nick Saban won another recruiting cycle. Ho hum. 

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