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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Have The Number One Bromance In The World

I’ve never wanted anything more in my life than to have a bromance like the one Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman share. It appears Jake Gyllenhaal is also part of this wrecking crew, but for the sake of the blog we’re going to focus on these two.

I first got wind of the bromance on NYE when this picture was tweeted out. Reynolds in some ridiculous sweater while the other two were dressed normally. He looked thrilled! I would pay any amount of money to be the guy taking this picture and enjoying all of the fun. These guys are the epitome of cool.

Reynolds and Jackman made a truce to each other over social media recently to become pals again. Reynolds even said he’d make an ad for Jackman’s company.

Here is the end result. Impossible not to laugh.

I love these guys. What a life. What a friendship. What a trio when you throw in Gyllenhaal. If a genie came to me and said you could hang out with one trio of friends for one night, but only one night, I’d choose these guys no questions asked. Give them a ton of beer and expensive whiskey and the night’s possibilities are endless.