KFC Radio Episode 28 Part 2 - Big Cat Once Tried To Shit In A Garbage Can

There’s not much more I need to say here. In Part 2 of Episode 28 you’ll get to hear the tale about the time Big Cat tried to shit in a garbage can at a bar. At least he didn’t just shit in his pants, right?

Make sure you tune in next week for special guest Bryan Beer – the greatest Global Guts competitor in the history of Nickelodeon.  This week we hung out with Logan Couture who’s an actual professional athlete and I’ll be perfectly honest – I’m more excited for the Bryan Beer episode. I want to hear anything and everything I can from a Global Guts champion. This is one to mark down on your calendar, folks. Wednesday February 20th, 8pm. Bryan Beer II. Book it.

Call the Barstool hotline 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665). Voicemails were garbage this week. Gotta step it up Stoolies. Also if you’re interested in coming on the show live and joining the hangout, answer a couple quick questions here and we’ll try to work you into the show next Wednesday.