The Phillies Are Willing To Try Anything But Winning To Get People Back At Games




Country music night. Star Wars night. German heritage night. Anything to distract the fans from the usual “Fuck Me In The Ass I Just Paid Over $200 Total Taking The Family To Watch This Shit Team Attempt To Play Baseball” night.

I don’t blame the fans for not going to the games. I’m as die-hard as it gets and will tune in on TV or the radio every night, but they are seriously torcher to watch. Especially live. The fat kid rocking cargo shorts and a Babylon-5 t-shirt everyday during high school has a better chance of scoring on a regular basis. Because screw actually addressing the problems from the top to bottom when you can try to distract the fanbase with cheap, novelty nights and giveaways. I suppose if they’re going to play like a bunch of minor leaguers then the organization is going to act like a minor league team.

I hate this team.