Ariana Grande Will Not Be Performing OR Attending The Grammys Because The Producers Are Giant Idiots

Page Six- Due to a disagreement with Grammy producers over which songs she would perform, Ariana Grande, who has been featured on billboards promoting the show all over Los Angeles, not only won’t be performing at the Feb. 10 show, she will not even be attending it, according to sources close to the situation.

An insider tells Variety that Grande felt “insulted” after producers initially refused to allow her to perform “7 Rings,” the latest single from her forthcoming album “Thank U, Next” (which arrives Friday, two days before the Grammys). A compromise was reached whereby “7 Rings” would be part of a medley, but Grande pulled out after producers insisted that the second song be of their choosing. The source added that such stipulations were not imposed on other performers at the show. Reps for the Grammys did not immediately respond to Variety‘s requests for comment. (The news of Grande’s dispute with the Grammys over song choice was first reported by Hits.)

This is a brutally bad move by The Grammys. Ariana Grande is easily the biggest female pop star right now, and now she’s just completely taking herself out of The Grammys equation. She has a brand new album coming out on Friday. TWO days before The Grammys air. She’s had two #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in the last three months. She is NOMINATED for two Grammys this year (Best Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album). ‘7 Rings’ broke the Spotify record with almost 15 million streams in 24 hours. They messed this up so much she’s not even attending the show.


Get your heads out of your asses @Grammyproducers. I don’t understand what the big deal is here. Her songs are extremely successful who cares which ones she sings during the show??? They’re her own songs??? She could play a brand new song from the album released on Friday and no one would care. That’s just Ariana being Ariana. ‘7 Rings’ (whether you love it or hate it) has been a giant success. Why would they not let her sing that song in its entirety? This is double crazy if this source that said no other artists have these restrictions is correct. This is Ariana’s time. Let her sing the songs she want. They clearly understand the pull she brings her image has been used to promote the show!!! It makes no sense. I hope she wins on Sunday night and they have to explain that she is not in attendance because the producers are stubborn and stupid.