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John Wall Wants To Fight JuJu Smith-Schuster At RNR8

Gollyyyyyy. John Wall is not here to play games. JuJu thought he was making a lighthearted joke, and John Wall responded by threatening to whoop his ass at RnR8. And I gotta say, I side with Wall here. Dude JUST found out his achilles is smashed to pieces and that he’ll miss another 12 months of basketball. And little 22 year old JuJu thinks he can come around and start making jokes about it? Sheesh. Give him a few days to at least let the injury fully register before you start making jokes about it.

JuJu is your classic “class clown” guy who thinks everything he says is the hight of comedy. He thinks he can do no wrong and that everyone wants to laugh at his jokes. John Wall…not so much. John Wall isn’t about that life. Never had been, never will be. Make a joke about John Wall’s injury and he’ll make sure that’s the last joke you ever tell.

Been a pretty brutal last few weeks for Wall. Injury, surgery, infection, and a new injury. And now he has some little 6 foot nothing child chirping at him? Miss him with that if you don’t want to be uppercutted into Bolivia.