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Wake Up With A Hung Over David Wells Throwing A Perfect Game

Look at this unit, an absolute perfect male body. It belonged to David Wells, and on this day, David Wells was the best god damn pitcher on the planet. He was also probably the most hung over person on the planet, but that didn't stop him from throwing a perfect game.
Wells' had partied the night before with a young Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers and was out until 5:30 AM and the first pitch was thrown at 1:36 PM. Wells strikes me as a guy who didn't mix in a water or two when he went out, so you know he was feeling it the next day. No worries though, he was only facing the Minnesota Twins. But that Twins lineup featuring Paul Moliter, Marty Cordova, and Alex Ochoa were no match for the hefty pitcher as the Yankees won 4-0.
Wells went 27 up, 27 down on his way to perfection in only 2 hours and 40 minutes. Guy wanted to take a postgame nap in the worst way. I could only imagine the amount of gatorade and pedialyte he was chugging down in the dugout. Wells did have some good stuff that day too, striking out 11 and throwing 120 pitches.
I know I can barely get out of bed when I'm hungover and out until 5:30 AM, no chance I could roll out of bed and strike out 11 guys. Shout out to Papa Wells for getting it done.