Kansas State Fans Made It Rain With Fake $100 Adidas/Bill Self Bills While Chanting 'Fuck KU'

First off, what an awesome opening to this game. I know it happens every year, but this is the first year where I can really remember the broadcast just staying quiet and letting us hear the arena. I mean every single person in Manhattan was chanting ‘fuck KU.’

The best part is they tried to get this shut down before just a couple of years ago


Don’t think that worked. But, I’ll give credit to Kansas State fans. They got even more creative this year. Instead of the standard ‘fuck KU’ chant, which you can do with any team they added in this

That’s phenomenal. I’m sure you know about it but obviously Kansas has been a main figure in the FBI investigation into college hoops tied to Adidas and most notably paying Silvio de Sousa’s guardian. Slapping Self’s face on it with the Adidas logo is A+.

Needless to say Kansas State fans love their chant: