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Grandparents Completely Unimpressed As Chinese New Year Fireworks Explode Outside Window

Today as New Englanders celebrated the Patriots with their own parade in Boston, many others were out in full force around the world for another fun procession… the Chinese Lunar New Year (which begins annually on the new moon that appears between January 21st – February 20th) kicking off the Year Of The Pig.

Many millions travel for the festivities, of which a huge part involves banquets, temple visits, family reunions & fireworks (China is the birthplace of gunpowder after all)… Speaking of fireworks, here’s the only two people with a front row view who could not be less into it:

Absolutely zero fucks given in a situation where I would have been glued to the window making the world’s longest, most annoying Instagram story. In their defense, the food looks pretty good.

I went down a Lunar New Year internet rabbit hole & think I need to get in on it next year (Year Of The Rat).

Overall, I can only imagine what our guy Donnie is getting into in China right now, unless he’s still recovering from his Taco Bell Patriots Party.