Aussie Company "Wicked Campers" In Hot Water For Being Just A Tad Sexist And Racist







HUFFPO – An Australian camping company’s offensive advertising slogans have sparked Internet outrage — and rightfully so. Brisbane-based camper van rental company Wicked Campervans has come under fire for the reprehensible slogans painted on their minivans.The ill-advised slogans range from sexist and misogynistic to racist and homophobic. The company has previously received complaints about vans sporting the slogans “Save a whale, harpoon a Jap? and ?Fat girls are harder to kidnap.” Other gems include ?To all virgins: Thanks for nothing,? and “I wouldn?t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn?t die.”

They don’t have freedom Down Under? I thought this was Australia. Now, I wouldn’t ride in one of these vehicles, sans maybe the Horny Sandwich mobile because it makes an extremely valid point. Actually, there’s no way in hell I’d be caught anything but dead in an actual camper. I lack the uncontrollable sex drive and mustache growing abilities required to operate a windowless van. But for whatever reason there’s a market for Aussies who would like to go camping, get stoned or rent a rape mobile that informs the masses to “Save a whale, Harpoon a Jap”. To each their own. The people against it are only fueling the fire. Wicked Campers only has 50 Facebook Likes on it’s page but has garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures on a petition against the company. Don Draper himself would be in awe of this advertising play.