KFC Radio Episode 28 Part 1 Featuring Logan Couture

Well would you look at that. What started out as an 8 minute show answering 5 voicemails just about 9 months ago has turned into a multi-city video show featuring professional athletes. I’m sure there will still be my usual haters that says this show still sucks but for my money, a few smut bloggers pulling that off ain’t too shabby.

Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with Logan Couture, he’s the center for the San Jose Sharks. Pretty loyal Stoolie too. He joined us for the entire show answering Stoolie voicemails and debating Barstool hypotheticals. He even gave his answer to the 10 year basement debate, which is a very different answer when you’ve got his bank account and his track record with chicks. Talked about why NHL players are the biggest fans of Barstool, whether or not Big Cat could beat him in a fight, and theres an off chance I may have gotten him fined two or three times depending on who watches this. All good shit from our first worthwhile guest.

Voicemails were pretty lame this week so we’re suspending the best voicemail giveaway this week and going back to one more week of Twitter trivia. At 2pm I’ll be tweeting out a question about this episode from @KFCBarstool. Answer the question and follow the rest of the KFC Radio crew for a chance to win a free pair of Barstool sweats.