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Canadian News Anchor Talks About Sucking On Rubber Vibrators

Oh dontchaknow! It looks like I’m sucking dick on air, eh!

As a news anchor, how do you not have the self awareness to understand that the words “big fat rubber end” “vibrating” and “in his mouth” while mimicking oral sex movements as you discuss your infant son is probably not FCC compliant? Out of all the terms and actions on the broadcasters black list, like all of those fucking things are at the top of the list.

Now let me tell you why this video is perfect: A) the Canadian accents. Talking Canada makes everything ten times funnier. Logan Couture was on KFC Radio last night and everything he said was hilarious simply because he talks like a retard. If this was an American chick talking about babies deepthroating electric toothbrushes, it would be good for a chuckle. Canadian accent bumps it up to legit funny.

B) The Male Co Anchor. That dude’s reaction is absolutely perfect. First at the 16 second mark, his eyebrows going up as soon as he hears the word “vibrating”

Much like a dog when you say the word “walk” and their ears perk up.

Second is the “…ok” at the 20 second mark. The quintessential male response to a chick who’s gone off the handle talking about her baby’s gums while pretending to suck dick. And again the Canadian accent – “…oh-kay.” Guy couldn’t muster up anything better to possibly save this chick from ruining her career. Just a meek “Ok” pretty much implying “Go on…”

And finally the head turn to the camera as this chick has a borderline orgasm on air:

Just waving the white flag looking to the viewers like “I’m right there with you guys. No fucking clue what is going on.” Just perfect.