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"Afraid Of LeBron? I Ain't Afraid Of Jesus" - LaVar Ball; A Lyrical Genius

Did Big Var do it again or did Big Var do it again? I sort of only want to refer to him as Big Var during these quotes because it’s like his WWE personality or name he goes by from a musical standpoint.

The dude just delivers gold quotes time after time.

Scared of LeBron? Fuck that. He ain’t even scared of Jesus. Makes me wonder if LaVar is part of the Holy Family or not now. I mean that’s the only thing that could make sense of it if you ask me.

I know there are a lot of reports about Lonzo to the Pelicans and wanting to go to Phoenix. Shout out @MGrads on Twitter who called the Lonzo to the Suns thing a few months ago:

It makes sense. He does fit in pretty well with a young team that needs a PG. But, this isn’t a basketball blog. This is a LaVar Ball quote appreciation blog.

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Watch out LeBron and Jesus. Big Var coming.