Video: Asshole Seen Paddleboarding On The Chicago River In A Tuxedo Yesterday

Go ahead and say it.  Go ahead and say you wanted this asshole to fall in.  You wouldn’t be alone.  We ALL wanted him to fall in.  Ya know why?  Because he’s an asshole.

Look, I’m all about getting likes and retweets and social media love too, but this guy is just a flat out attention whore.  Not even necessarily because he’s paddle boarding on a river with goddamn ice burgs in it, or because the river is right at freezing levels right now

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 8.54.37 AM

but because he’s paddle boarding in general.  What kinda asshole would pull a move like this?  That shit looks hard as fuck.  Probably take a ton of balance and core strength.  Go sit on your couch like a normal person douche bag!

I’d rather get waterboarded than actually paddleboard.

If this guy went by way of Jack Dawson, nobody would be mad. Not one bit