Kobe Bryant Is The Latest Player With The James Harden Scoring A Lot Is Bad Take

I’m not a Kobe guy. Never liked him. Always hated the Lakers. Always hated Kobe. But, this? This is just stupid.

And let me save you some comments quick. Yes, Kobe is a great player and reserves the right to fire off takes. But, we can call him out for stupid ones. This is a stupid one. He’s hardly the only person to have a similar take on James Harden for scoring ‘too much.’

Rebecca Lobo fired one off recently:

Any time you listen to a game people talk about Harden playing ISO ball too much. Guess what? The Rockets play ISO ball. They took the Warriors to 7 last year. Even with Chris Paul, it’s high ball screens and ISO ball.

Saying they can’t win a title because Harden is scoring too much is asinine. The scoring tear started on December 13 when he dropped 50 against the Lakers. In that time the Rockets are 19-7 and he’s averaging just about 40 points per game. Seems effective. Oh, the Rockets were 12-15 before this tear.

Putting a blanket statement that a guy who is an MVP scores too much therefore the team can’t win is just a dumb thing to do. Blanket statements in general are dumb. Are they going to beat the Warriors? Probably not. But as we saw. This style forced them to 7 games last year (granted there was a bit more help at the time than now).