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I Wish MLB Umpires Modeled Their Games After This Little League Ump
THERE YOU GO BALL! Look at the way that batter went down to get that ball and lifted it to dead center, I mean absolutely crushed it. Parents in the crowd were excited, managers in the dugout went crazy, but the umpire stole the show here. The only thing better than this pipsqueak turning on this pitch was how the umpire felt the need to shit talk the pitcher after he served up the meatball special. I know we normally say we don't go to baseball games to watch the umpire, but this is a different case.
Mr. Umpire offers a nice little wave to the ball as it clears the fence, just to rub a little salt in the pitchers wounds. What a hilarious moment for the umpire to pimp the kids home run for him. Never seen anything like this before either, but I love it. I'm sure the parents of the pitcher will try and sue the umpire for emotional distress and all that, but this was a legit laugh out loud moment by the ump.
I like to imagine Joe West or Angel Hernandez doing this after JD Martinez knocks one off of Trevor Bauer and Bauer having an absolute meltdown on the mound. With that being said, good for this pitcher for not bursting into tears right there on the mound. For a second he does think the ball could be caught, so he points to the heavens to signal it's a pop fly, but hold the phone, Johnny. That ball was carrying and it's gone. Pitcher then squats next to the mound and we can only guess that it was that exact moment where he realized he wanted to play lacrosse. Imagine the pitcher's reaction if he had turned around and saw the umpire actually waving to the ball, that right there is a confidence killer for anyone, let alone an 11-year-old.
This is one way to make umping little kids fun. Instead of calling every pitch a ball because the coach's son can't get the ball over the plate and you've got the second baseman picking their nose, this guy decides to pay his respects to the piece of leather that got sent into orbit. I love it.