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Bill Clinton Might Be The Biggest Celtics Fan On The Planet

Let’s go Slick Willy!! I knew the Celts were on the upswing recently, they just had a beautiful win over the Thunder on Sunday, but I’ve reached a whole new level of confidence now that we have ol Billy boy on our side. You damn right they look good right now. Only the most wins since 11/26 with basically the best offense in basketball I dunno if you’ve heard. Clearly Bill’s been paying attention because you look in his eyes and you can tell he means it. When has he ever been known to lie? I don’t really care what your politics are, Bill Clinton is a cool ass dude who I am just going to assume is well versed in what it takes to win an NBA championship. That’s why he was so emphatic, he knows that when the Celtics get going, they can hit a different level. Couldn’t agree more myself.

All I know is this, if we are blessed somehow with a parade this summer, I need Bill Clinton on a duck boat. Give that man a beer, a championship cigar, and let him do the rest.

Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Six