I Still Can't Get Over That Last Touchdown Pass From The Super Bowl

365 days ago. 3rd&7 from the 12-yard line. Down by one point with just over 2 minutes left to go in the 4th. Nick Foles finds Zach Ertz in 1v1 coverage, Devin McCourty slips up but does just enough to trip Ertz on his way into the end zone, but not enough to keep him out.

February 4, 2018. The last Super Bowl touchdown pass to be thrown until at least February 2, 2020.

I’ll tell you what. I’ve got a lot of respect for Tom Brady and Jared Goff after last night’s game. Both of those guys knew that they could never live up to what Nick Foles was able to accomplish in last year’s Super Bowl. Both of those guys realized that it was an act that was seemingly impossible to follow. So instead of even trying, they just allowed Nick Foles to have that final Super Bowl TD pass to his name for another year. Pretty selfless and classy act from both of those guys. You can even add Sean McVay to the list there. He knew that the game that Doug Pederson called in Super Bowl LII was a masterpiece. One which he could never replicate. So despite the fact that he’s supposedly this offensive wunderkind, he decided to just take last night off. Again, it was very classy and very selfless of McVay. A tip of my hate to all who were involved. Go Birds.