This Dude Commenting On Kim Kardashian's Instagram May Want To Re-Evaluate Some Things


[Editor’s Note: This is Jordie. He’s going to be throwing out a couple blogs here and there on Barstool Philly like Sobol on Chicago, 610 on NYC, etc. He’ll also be covering the Philly Union if/when they do something interesting. Be gentle.]

You may want to go back and reread everything shane_robbins_ just said for it all to really sink in. This could be the most absurd/greatest comment in the history of history. The poise to add lemon juice to the mix. The genius to come up with ‘gasoline socks’. The confidence to blast out the (misspelled) phrase “etheopian aids blood”. Is it a little disturbing to imagine? Sure. But it’s also poetic as all hell. I’ve tried to go back to Kim K’s insta to find and verify the comment myself but didn’t have much luck. It’s probably buried under thousands and thousands of other comments, so I’m a little skeptical, but for now I’m gonna hold out hope that the comment isn’t fake until I’m proven otherwise.

h/t Shane