I Owe That Hack Nothing

What a wild ride this weekend.

One thing I know is I don’t owe that Hack ANYTHING. Let alone an extra round after he was dead asleep. I mean straight up Leesa Mattress, 3 Ambien level, Kindergarten around noon-ish, lights out, classic sleep mode action, dead asleep in front of 100k plus, snoring.

When asked if I would go another round, of course, I said yes. Why would I have a shred of fear to throw hands with some clown who swore he was some kind of trained killer that I just cleaned up in 20 seconds?

Why would I ever assume that was even a possibility? The ref called the fight and my arm was raised. The Hack should have packed it up and took his L like a man.  He didn’t. So in obvious, true hack fashion, he goes into official backyard wrastlin’ mode. He couldn’t accept that he got lit the fuck up. He had zero respect for the fight that followed us and zero respect for the show. this is why I have called him and will continue to call him a straight hack. What did he end up doing? Hacky wrestling moves. The suck it thing… yelling “Gimmie a hell ya!” etc..Nothing original, just more emulation.

Here is a clip from the show this morning where I express how I felt.

In the end, fuck whoever decided it was OK to ruin the cleanest knockout of the night and cave to this backyard wraslin’ troll’s childhood WWE fantasy.