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Video Of Sergio Garcia's Bunker Meltdown Is Even Better Than I Imagined It'd Be

It was worth the wait. I take back being mad about it the other day. When I blogged this story on Saturday there wasn’t any video of it and I was furious. How was there no video of it in 2019 when literally every single person has a video camera in their pocket? It made no sense. Well turns out there is video and it’s GLORIOUS. It’s better than I imagined. Sergio Garcia looked like a little kid whipping that golf club around in Saudi Arabia. The gatekeepers of golf can be a bunch of pussies sometimes so I thought maybe Sergio’s transgressions were mild and it wasn’t that bad and the video was going to be a letdown but I couldn’t be happier about being wrong. Sergio’s DQ was 100% justified and I appreciate him getting his money’s worth. Dude looked like the Tasmanian Devil in that bunker. I failed Spanish in high school but even I know that the things he was saying were R-rated.

By the way, I said in my other blog that I think he got disqualified on purpose so he could go home and the video makes me feel that way even more strongly. He didn’t just slam his club once and get tossed. He went on a fill blown temper tantrum and made sure he got tossed. Collect the appearance fee and keep it moving. Finesse moves only.