RNR 7 Recap From Main Event Winner Marty Mush

I know the fight was Friday and Dave broke the internet yesterday but I want to give a little behind the scenes. Let me take you through my entire Friday because it pays off being dumb sometimes.

I had absolutely no idea what time I was supposed to be at the venue or what exactly I had to do. I was like a newborn puppy at his first home just running all over the place. When I finally got to the venue I forgot to do a physical with the doctor which almost was a rough one because the I wouldn’t of been able to fight. After I got done with all of that I had no place to just hang out because Matt Brown was in the Barstool green room and that would have just been awkward.

When I didn’t have a room I was roaming around the venue just watching some fight and the I soon found out they were giving out free food.

I am a big hot dog guy as well so this was great news. When I saw Erika she looked at me like a disappointed parent like what is this moron doing. I then scarfed it down with no toppings because I was a little embarrassed but knew I had a private shitter for when that thing runs right through me.

The best part of my situation was that I had a random guy who fought in the second fight just sleeping on the cement floor outside my room. It was about and hour after his fight and he was still out cold. I then invited him in and he took advantage of that and ended up smoking and taking a huge shit. Fucking guy was a wild card. I then had to get out of my room because I kept thinking about the fight and I wanted to calm myself down.

I went out to talk to my brother and then wanted to see the fights from the VIP section. I was minding my own business and all of a sudden some guy comes up to me in a jumpsuit just talking shop and loving all the fights. Proceeds to tell me how he fought in China for awhile and then I saw Tommy Smokesvideo taping me and then I found out I was talking to Diplo. The words Diplo and Marty Mush should not be used in the same sentence but here we are. He ended up really calming me down and by basically saying enjoy the moment and all this shit. So thank you to Diplo for doing that.

When it comes to the fight, I went into psycho mode. I was a completely different person and the adrenaline got to me. Also you can never put 13k in front of a gambler who owes the bookie some money because I will do anything to pay him off. I think I surprised Matt Brown right off that bat when I knocked him down but he landed some punches on me that were brutal. It was one of the all time fights of RNR and not many people can do what we just did. Put in a lot of work to get to that point and it felt fucking good to win. I never want to go back to seeing this face again in my life though.

It was one of the best nights of my life and thanks to everyone that supported the Mush To The Moon movement. I am still kind of shocked I was capable of it but fuck it was awesome.