I Suddenly Respect The Hell Out Of Derek Jeter For Telling Joe Buck To Get Out Of His Clubhouse

The 5 rings, 3000 + hits and overall first ballot HOF numbers didn’t do it for me. I originally wouldn’t have minded if Adam Wainright grabbed his sac, said fuck you to the establishment and plunked one right in the captain’s ribs on the first pitch. But Jeter telling that smug shit Joe Buck they have a game to play and to essentially get the fuck out of his clubhouse is respectable. Not sucking on his teet, RE2PECT levels of admiration, but respect nonetheless. Miguel Caberea would’ve done it in the first place but couldn’t think of enough English to tell Buck to go fuck himself. I don’t even care if it was planned, anytime Joe Buck is made out to look like an asshat it’s a good day for society.

How about the balls on that forehead to waltz into that locker room filled with the greatest ballplayers in the world and film them without permission? Next level cockiness. But get out of there, Joe. Go spend some time on your second favorite website,