Charlie Sheen Is Back! And By Back I Mean Hammered At A Taco Bell Drive-Thru

“I’m Charlie, sorry I’m so fuckin’ hammered.”

WINNING! The guy is essentially back to the post-career, drug addicted Ricky Vaughn we all know and love. You know you’ve made it with your millions when you’re A) Blitzed late night at a Taco Bell like a college sophomore, B) Getting out of your car at the Drive-Thru and stumble through shrubs, and C) Have someone who uses the adjective “Rad” be the person to end a conversation because the awkwardness. Gary knew he had his hands full when Charlie decided to go with that shirt featuring all of his chest. Go Reds!

Absolute amateur move by the guy filming for putting this up on YouTube instead of selling the tape. Dude could’ve walked away with a $10K check from TMZ or a $100 credit to the Barstool Sports store. Live and learn.