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Big Dick Rick Survives The Biggest Shitshow In Golf

Look nobody in golf takes more ricochet shots than Rickie Fowler. Every time some young stud racks up some wins, the media goes “___ actually now has the same number of wins as Rickie Fowler.” Every time a Rick friend wins, Rick gets roasted for being a good dude and congratulating his pal.

Hand up, I’ve delivered some of those chirps. That’s on me.

It wasn’t easy. Rick’s had SEVERAL choke jobs in Phoenix… then started by doubling the 5th. He came to the 11th with a 5-shot lead but then this happened.


A double that was actually a triple because yet another dumbass rule of golf where Rickie had to drop on a severe slope so his ball rolled into the water without him doing anything at all.


But they don’t call him Big Dick Rick for nothin’. While the rest of the field laid up on 15, BDR did this.

He followed that with a nice up-and-down on 16, laced another drive to setup bird on 17, and another good save on 18. Two stroke victory.

Earlier, he got up-and-down from a damn cart path.

Rickie’s 30 years old with 5 wins and several close calls at majors. He nearly won the Masters last year. He takes a ton of shit, but at the end of the day he’s been one of the most consistent guys on TOUR since he came out, he’s made a shit ton of money, he’s won a handful of times, and he’s engaged to this rocket ship.

It’s good to be Big Dick Rick.