Nothing To See Here Other Than A Woman's SUV In A Pool After She Drove It Through A Backyard Party



LAKEWOOD, Ohio — An out-of-control SUV raced up a Lake Avenue apartment driveway, crashed through a fence and splashed into an Edgewater Drive swimming pool late Saturday afternoon, narrowly missing swimmers at a party in and around the water. “She literally crashed the party,” Fire Chief Scott Gilman said. The unidentified woman driving the Jeep Liberty was taken to Lakewood Hospital with injuries described as minor. There were no passengers.

Probably the best park job she’s ever done. However, it would’ve been a miracle if that woman didn’t end up driving into Davy Jones’ Locker. It’s par for the course at this point. The real story here is Mr. Buckeye humblebragging his way all over the cameras.

So outrageously cocky for that guy to think for even a second his cannonball was equivalent to an SUV crashing into the pool. Even more so for calling a splash an “explosion”. People with those kinds of tattoos can’t keep it in the same gear as everyone else. Also, “I pulled her out of the vehicle, I threw her on the deck…(mic cuts).” What did you do next? CPR? I know that’s not in the Ohio GED curriculum. You fucked her right in the pussy, didn’t you. Well done.