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Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale Spotted Holding Hands, I'M SO PROUD OF PETE!


Pete you salty dog! You old sailor you! I’m so proud of him! The whole world is proud of Pete! To go from Ariana Grande to Kate Beckinsale is a move and a half. Ariana Grande isn’t bad looking by any stretch of the imagination but Kate Beckinsale is one of the best looking women in the world. She’s stunningly gorgeous and every man is jealous that Pete is dating/having sexual relations with her. Kate Beckinsale is a WOMAN. Ariana is a woman too but Kate is a WOMAN.

I’ll be honest, when these two crazy kids were spotted leaving a Golden Globes party a month ago I was skeptical that it was a real thing. It just didn’t seem like something that would actually happen but boy oh boy am I happy it’s a real thing. Look at his face in the second tweet. Look at it. Pete! What a baller.

Pete says he wishes Ariana would stop talking about how huge his penis is but these are the spoils when those rumors are out there. Drop dead smokeshows like Kate Beckinsale want a piece of the action. Are these two probably going to get married? No they’re not. Kate is 45 and Pete is 25 but they’re gonna have some fun. Incredible rebound by Pete. Simply incredible.