We Are On To Zion. #TankForZion

Look, we know who is no longer here and who may be coming in the summer. These are exciting times as well as stressful times. Yesterday was a particularly fun day to dream about the possibilities despite all the unknown. But in the end, that’s exactly what all this is. Unknown. Because a couple of guys (wonderful guys may I add in case they are reading) have to make a decision and when something comes down to a human deciding on something, anything is possible. Kevin Garnett said that, so you know it’s true.

However there is one thing our team has in its control and that is helping their odds in the one part of this #superteam plan where there is no human decision being made. Just cold hard math, albeit in a year where that math isn’t as favorable to the truly shitty teams. But that is no matter. Before July comes June and before June comes May, when our stress levels will be through the fucking ROOF. So while we run out the last few months of this season, we need something to root for and it’s kinda tough to root for guys when they aren’t even on your team. But you can root against your own shitty team to lose as much as possible so even if none of those guys come here, you may have a fucking freak that is dominating D-I college players the same way he did 5′ scared white boy high schoolers. And it is that for that reason we must buy a shirt and put all our focus towards the #TankForZion movement.




Play us out, Damian!