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Chicago Dogs Of The Week

I hope everyone had a marvelous week at home drinking alcohol and “doing work emails” whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean. You’re not fooling me.

Anyways, I can’t talk but everyone I hear is saying that this is the worst week of weather in Chicago history. People are very sad and angry about this. I don’t like that.

You know what else I don’t like? Not being able to smell other dogs’ buttholes. I can handle being cooped up indoors because that means double servings of CBD and sausages but really at the end of the day it comes down to butt stuff with me and I’m just not getting the action I crave.

Dad says it’s only a few more days before I can get back up in Ginger’s ass. She’s my #1 bitch at the dog park, literally.

Anyways here are my friends this week:

V V V V V V V V Very good boy


Carl said you look like Bobby Portis in a 4th quarter, half-court offense. Personally I think that’s a bit much.

And edibles Meadow don’t lie

Shhhhhhhhhh there’s a Roger Goodell clown toy right behind you

Kinda looks like Sandra Bullock in Speed, no?


I like that. So does Carl.

I have a beef for you

Lighten up Chuck you look great

Not you too Walter

Mean muggin pug sounds nice

Racing strips make you go faster tho so that’s nice

Hi sleepy.

I don’t see any OMG THERE HE IS

Hello Ivy please ignore my Red Rocket you are so pretty.

I will call this one Bubbles.