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"I Don't Owe Anybody Shit" - Kyrie Irving

Memphis Grizzlies v Boston Celtics

Sooner or later you knew Kyrie was going to have to speak to the media and given everything going on right now you knew the only thing people would ask him would be about his future. Well today Kyrie broke his silence, and as expected it was a mixed bag. He could have come out and said with 100% certainty that Boston was where he wanted to be, that all the rumors were bullshit and he’s committed to staying in Boston forever.

He didn’t.

Instead, he crafted his answer in perfect LeBron fashion. You technically can’t say he’s not leaning towards Boston because he said the words “they are at the head of the race”, but at the same time I certainly don’t love the “ask me July 1″ comment. I also don’t love the line of “I don’t owe anybody shit you’re lying to yourself if that doesn’t make you a tad nervous as a Celtics fan. It’s OK, how could it not? I mean there’s a big difference from coming out and quieting the rumors and then saying something like that. That’s bad, even if he doesn’t intend it to be that way, it’s hard not to take it as a negative sign.

Here’s the best spinzone I can think of right now as my mind is racing. He says Boston is in the lead because he knows the plan to acquire Anthony Davis. That’s why he said ask him July 1. He needs to see what Ainge pulls off before he further commits. Now that there are options on the table that weren’t there back when the season started, things can change. Kyrie is right he doesn’t owe anyone anything, it’s his life and his career but that’s not the point. This is what kind of annoys me about Kyrie and this whole situation. There’s no need to fan the flames like this if you’re truly going to stay. What purpose does that serve? I have enough to stress about with the Super Bowl this weekend, I don’t really need it.

Then there’s this to also consider. If his mind has changed to the point where now he’s legit considering leaving, then doesn’t Ainge have to seriously consider moving him? Can he really risk not making a move and then losing him for nothing? That’s not how Danny Ainge operates. The fact that they need Kyrie in order to get Davis to stay is what makes this so complicated, the timing is all fucked up.

The thing that really bothers me, is Kyrie hasn’t been able to stop talking about how he wants to be a leader and all this bullshit. How is making this shit storm 10000000x worse an example of being a good leader? Would it have been so hard for him to say “I addressed this at the start of the year and I’m committed to getting the most out of the rest of this season”. Boom. That’s it. Dodge the fucking question! Instead things are now a billion times more of a distraction right as the Celtics are in a crucial part of their schedule and nothing got resolved. In fact they got worse, even if there really is nothing to worry about! The point is he could have come out and squashed this, and instead did the exact opposite. How is that leadership?

This whole thing is starting to get a little concerning and I don’t like it one bit. It’s impossible to know what these guys are thinking, and that is taking years off my life. I literally shake every time my phone buzzes I’m so goddamn shook waiting for a Woj bomb. I love this time of year but hate it when the drama directly includes my favorite team. I just want to get jokes off not be the butt of them. God damn you Kyrie, you’re killing me

Just remember, trust in Danny Ainge, it’s all we can do at this point.