Julius Peppers Announces His Retirement

What do you mean Julius Peppers is retiring from the NFL? Is that allowed? I feel like a Saints fan diving deep into the rule book right now because there’s no way this is legal. Julius Peppers being one of the most dominant pass rushers in football has been as much of a constant in my life as the Sun rising in the morning and setting at night. 17 seasons, 159.5 sacks, people forget he also played basketball at UNC, one of the most fire jerseys a human could own is a black Panthers Peppers jersey, just as prolific a career as someone could compile. I just honestly can’t believe this is real. I assumed Julius Peppers would be in the NFL long after I was dead in seven or eight years. Like I shouldn’t be shocked a guy who played 17 NFL seasons is retiring but honestly this is the most shocking news I could have imagined waking up to.

No doubt first ballot Hall of Famer and I feel confident saying that even though the NFL routinely fucks up their own Hall of Fame. But if Julius Peppers isn’t a no-doubter then honestly just tear the building down.