Another Day, Another Lingerie Football League Head Coaching Spaz For The Ages

LFL – When Atlanta Steam’s rookie phenom Quarterback Dakota Hughes went down, back-up Jodie Nettles stepped in and learned just how tough the Quarterback position can be. Instead of taking a sack, Nettles decides to hoist the ball in the air which was intercepted by the defense. Her head coach Dane Robinson had a few choice words for Nettles…and a couple of fans

Yet another LFL HC taking out his shattered dreams of not making it in the NFL and getting rejected from that JUCO d-line coaching job on the ladies. I will get tired of the flip outs when these men decide that taking their hostilities out on women running around in lingerie isn’t worth it anymore. So, essentially, never. The LFL may be the only place left in American society where it’s not only allowed, but encouraged for men to brutally chastise women without any repercussions. And with Dane’s shove that would immediately fire any high school coach, the verbal beatings may soon turn physical. There’s no doubt in my mind one of these closet wife beaters will fire up a haymaker on one of their felines. Just a matter of time.

“Fuck you…go have another beer.” You rip into your backup QB’s soul and that’s all you got for the hecklers? Next time Ron Artest their drunken asses if you want to get some respect, Dane.

Obligatory weekly post of Seattle HC Chris Michaelson going absolutely apetits during halftime: