We Have Bats On The Loose In San Antonio!!

Somebody get Manu on the phone immediately! I knew he should have never retired and at the very least he should have been forced to attend every Spurs home game in the event there was ever another bat situation at AT&T arena. Clearly they have an issue that is just never going to be resolved, they’re the bat franchise, that’s their thing. For that reason alone you should always have Manu on call. Makes you wonder how many bats they have hanging out up there in the rafters because you know those things travel in packs. When have you ever seen just 1 or 2 bats chillin before? It’s usually like 50. I also don’t love the option that there is a way into this arena that the bats know about but the humans don’t. Ideally you want to be ahead of the bats. Figure it out San Antonio.

Anyway, this is just a great excuse to post one of the greatest clips in Spurs history.

Long live Manu