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NFL Monday Morning Rewind - AFC

Splitting these in two from now on to hopefully limit the amount of app crashing.



Elway is always watching…..



The games.



Falcons 7, Ravens 29


Craziest part of this game? The Ravens had 3 turnovers to the Falcons 1. Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan had virtually identical numbers. Yet if you watched this game it was never in doubt. The Ravens pummeled the Falcons. 17-0 at half. 20-0 after 3 quarters. I guess that speaks to how bad the Falcons truly are. Even when they aren’t awful, they get killed. Bad news for Mike Smith and the “let’s get tough” guys.


As for the highlights, we have 2.


Steve Smith Sr. proving yet again that you shouldn’t fuck with him.



And Baltimore’s finest. Got it!


Browns 6, Jaguars 24


Every Browns fan looking at the schedule before the game on Sunday, whether they want to admit it or not.


“We’re about to be 6-2, the Browns are about to be SIX AND FUCKING TWO!”



Every Browns fan after the game….





Poor Cleveland. Just can’t ever have things go right for them for an extended period of time. Everything was setting up for a playoff berth this year. The schedule looked great, the team looked not awful, and then they went and handed the Jaguars their first win of the year by taking a punt directly off the face. Those are the Browns, forever and always.



Because Jacksonville is the Paris of Florida right? Get the fuck out of here.




Joe Thomas naming all his QB’s. Puke.



Bengals 0, Colts 27


Hello, my name is Andrew, I’m going to look at you in the face because I’m a gentleman and If I see your tits I will cum in my pants.




Hey remember that time the Bengals were the best team in the AFC and then went 0-2-1, getting outscored 107-54 in the next 3 weeks?


The Biography of Marvin Lewis. Just bad enough to not be good, just good enough to not lose your job.




Vikings 16, Bills 17


Hey look everyone, Kyle Orton shaved his mustache, he must suck at being quarterback now.



Yup, totally sucks.


Yup, big time suckage.








The most accurate description of this game.





Chiefs 23, Chargers 20

Here’s a stat for you. Andy Reid is now 14-2 lifetime coming off the bye. There is life left in that old Walrus.


An old GIF but feels appropriate.


Jamaal Charles, doesn’t exactly know where the goal line is so he’ll just jump into the air and get smoked.


Alex Smith, FIRED UP



And Chargers fans, it’s ok, we’ll just Bolt up next week.




My personal favorite highlight from the game.


Cardinals 24, Raiders 13

Annnnnd the Raiders are back to the Raiders. That’s the one problem with burying a game ball after starting 0-4. You either win the next game and go on an improbable run or you lose and never win again. Ball funerals don’t last forever.


The big story out of this one though was Darnell Dockett trolling Raider fans from the sideline.




Wait, Raiders fans threw shit at you and were calling you names? No way.




Don’t believe it.






49ers 17, Broncos 42


Big news guys, Peyton Manning did something!



What exactly did he do?








Jenn Sterger reminding the world that Jenn Sterger is still in fact alive. That was nice.




Kind of a weird move to wear your son’s signed jersey right?




Just wish they had celebrated in some fashion.






Always watching.